to continue the weekend food gorge. the boys & i (excluding the hubby, becuz he thought we were insane)woke our asses up at the crack of dawn just so we could eat the infamous oaxaca tamale at the maxwell street market. D said we had to be there before 9am. still wiping off the sleepy dust and somewhat still recovering from the heavy lithuanian fare on Saturday, i figure i’ll be hungry when i got there which i did.
oaxaca tamale
it was not your typical corn husk tamale thats the size of a hot dog but more like the size of a burrito wrapped in banana leaves. J & i chose the green sauce w/ chicken. while D chose rioja. it came to us piping hot & the sauce was freshly made because it was still warm in the container. so was it worth it? hell yeah! for a mere $3, i bought a few more to freeze & eat on another day.

i got home by 11am & M was just waking up. i came home hoping to recover from my gasronomic weekeend. i manage to sneak in some laundry time but before i knew it, i was hanging out at the neighbors for a spontaneous bbq party under the tiki lights. so i would say that topped off a good weekend. hehehe


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