if i was a cartoon,

 i’d have steam coming out of the top of my head w/ a slew of f$#%^*k symbols
i will bitch if i have to & that especially goes to greasy car salesman. i recently (in July) bought a used vehicle. now i understand use will mean some unknown problems but that comes w/ the territory. but i really hate greassssy salesman who not only change his fuckin’ mind about a price, which by the way i did not budge. or insisting on financing w/ them (because you know thats where they get more money). or the fact they didn’t take me serious as a buyer cuz i do look really young & i was dressed very casual(flipflops, jeans & tshirt).

anyways, over the past 4 months, i’ve been getting several thank you letters. blah, blah, blah. when they need to address my current problem, i haven’t even gotten my title & plates. no one has bother to contact me what the hold up is & i had to call a few times myself to find out. one time, she couldn’t find the paperwork. another time, called back a few days later to see if she found it. which she did but didn’t bother to call me. wtf! i’m a f**kin’ pay customer. anyways, they can’t seem to straighten out the paperwork w/ the last owner which now say i may have to apply for a new temporary plate. which i think they should take care of. why in the hell would they sell a car when they don’t even have the paperwork ready before selling it to the next? greasy i tell ya. so i get another letter yesterday, not to address the problem but to please refer ppl to him. whhhhat??? i think not. so i’m writing a letter telling them this bull crap! or else its the better business buearu.

in other news: who knew trader joe’s was owned by the ppl of aldi’s too. aldi is the generic, almost ghetto like grocery store. trader joes is a cheaper alternative to whole foods. almost becoming the ikea of grocery. also owned by europeans. german to be correct. interesting.


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