churros (w/ custard filling)
hhmmm…what did i do this weekend? worked all of saturday. had to install a new browser (mozilla/foxfire). becuz if u want to check out gap/br/old, u can’t without it. how stupid is that? dim sum-ed on sunday w/ some friends who’ll i’ll be meeting up on the other side of the world in a few weeks. tagged along on a dumpster dive for marble (the same stuff on counter tops & floors of a bank). i may have to actually go dive myself someday once when i think of what to do with them. picked up some grocery at the mexican store. continued w/ more work. had a moment of freakout so i had to sleep on it before finishing the project 6am this morning.

look who’s living the life of luxury?
caught these three, huddled in front of the window, soaking in some afternoon sun. cute.


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