korean air
seoul kool
flight to seoul on korean air wasn’t too bad. though we did bump into a friend & her mom who were on the same flight. how coinky-dink is that? its a small world.

the length of my time on the flight was mostly occupied by the list of movies you can watch on the plane. it gets better and better. i love how you can watch whatever, whenever and how ever you like it. w/ snacks & drinks coming by every so often.
sisterhood of the traveling pants, ends up being a tearjerker movie. boo hoo.
– tried reading david sedaris’ naked, just can’t read on a plane for some reason. or i’m just not into his book.
– can’t keep my eyes off the perfectly coifed stewardess & there new hot outfits. especially the scarf they wear. it stands straight & never messed up, along with their hair.
war of the worlds, gave me a nice nappy-nap. i really can’t stand Tom anymore.
innocent steps, just read the subtitles while listening to my ipod. kinda dumb-dumb korean rendition of “shall we dance?”

other than all the above, i dozed off here & there. got to incheon airport before 5pm. the immigration line was insane but the airport from the outside is incredible. had terrible food while waiting for our friend L to come pick us up. we knew her tardiness in the states wasn’t going to change here in seoul. ha! its good to be here.


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