eat, walk, eat, sleep, eat

you get a picture w/ the boss w/ ur mackeral

you get a picture w/ the boss w/ ur mackeral

thats about covers most of what i’m doing in seoul. haven’t scene any temples nor anything touristy. just doing what you’d normally do at home but just somewhere else. still a good experience one way or another. staying w/ our friend L, whose roommate is an ultimate fighter. meeting up with expats whose been here for awhile. everyone loves to meet for a meal. so, here’s the food extravaganza for the past few days:

grilled mackeral
go kalbi, 2 different kinds of grilled mackerals @ this place that serves nothing but grilled mackerals

jung shik
tak dori tak (stewed chicken w/ potatoes & carrots in hot sauce)

new york soon doo boo

every meal comes with ban chan, which basically means half plates

jung shik
ban chan
jung shik

we also went for sushi rolls last night at Niko Niko. apparently this place is a francise that have many locations in california. its okay. its all stuffed w/ chopped fake crabmeat w/ whatever topping. also the sizes were to huge to pop into the mouth all in one. after awhile it tastes all the same.
niko niko
niko niko
niko niko

well you get the picture. lotsa food. more on other things later. i think i’m gonna go take a nap before the night market tonight.


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