still here,
our last two days in the land of seoul were a blur. 2 days of no sleep, 24hr sauna, kalbi and karoke. ha!

anyways, i’ve been in transit for the last couple of days. we arrived in siem reap after a 4hr delay in HCMC. they give us alot of shit for not having a visa if our layover was over an hour, but this was not our fault. anyways, you know your in southeast asia when that thick humid air hits you as you step out of the plane. aww yeah! i guess its been raining cats & dog out in siem reap so that caused the long ass delay. so when we got in, so did many other delayed flights. which then lead to a snake line to the visa booth & immigration line. the airport is teeny-tiny, so if you try to move in over 50+ ppl, its insane!

early next morning we had to take a tuk tuk out to the harbour to take the local speed boat out to battambang, a small riverside town. we meet a french couple(brother & sister) & their little khmer friends on the ride over. the trip was suppose to be 3hrs but it ended up being 6hrs. insane! its the same kinda boat i had taken when we went out to boracay (in the PI), but for six freakin’ hours! all was good when we decided to just stay at the same hotel as our new friends. can i just say this place was f**kin’ amazing!!! pictures later. nostalgic and oh sooo very cute. for $50USD, its well worth it. ran some family errand w/ N. then got together w/ our new friends for dinner.we actually walked around town in the pitch darkness but we ended up at a place that was really just around the corner from our hotel. aaack! it was a happening place. i think they were super excited to see the white frenchies. karoke & food. well, none of us went up to sing but the locals were all into it. there’s no tv screen to sing from so they all knew this from heart. checked out the next morning but got to the harbour late, so we ended up sitting on the roof of the boat for 6hrs back. yes, you heard me 6hrs under the beating hot sun & wind. crazy! its definitely an adventure.

back in siem reap, and we’ve been just covering some of the grounds of angkor wat. lots of climbing & walking & more climbing. soooooo amazing. pinch me. pictures don’t do any justice. we continue to more angkor temples tomorrow. my legs r throbbing. i’d do the seeing eye massage (massage by the blind), but it kinda creeps me out. instead W & i opted for the feet massage. $3 well spent down the street. internet cafes r cheap but machines r butt slow and old. i wish i can figure out the picture upload situation here. i’ll see.


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