i heart watermelon shake


its my bday today and i’m just kickin’ it in PP. i’m backlogged on bloggin’& pictures. i’ll have to get back to korea stuff maybe later when i get a chance. for now, i just back track on some Siem Reap photos. i’ll have to see when i can go to the FCC (foreign correspondence club) to upload more current photos later.

arrived yesterday on a long car ride chauffered by a khmer movie star. seriously, this man is a martial artist star, talk show host, businessman and i can’t remember the rest. its very common for everyone to have more than one job. we saw him on some movie posters enroute to PP. we even stopped off at his horse ranch which the horses are used for the movies, had lunch in a hut behind a hotel that also served spiders & other bugs(didn’t see it but the uncles wanted to order it & see our reactions), stopped off at an ancient bridge(can’t remember the name right now), went to his stone carving farm(which u can order a super huge stone carving (the size of a car) done for only $800USD, but it’ll cost u over $3K to ship it. still a deal if u got that kinda money.

got to PP around 3pm. went with W’s family to see her uncles in the scariest & darkest, basically pitch dark, 3rd flr walk up. the stairs was strewn w/ sooo much garbage, i swear a rat was going to run out from under a stack. eeek! made it through a dark corridor. took off our shoes at the pile in front. they talked i smiled. i can’t understand a word or two when they start describing my my ethnic background. doh! 😛

Amok @ La Villa
traditional cambodian dish, Amok, curry fish.
khmer homecooked meal

i’ll be eating this & other homecooked meals alot since i’ve gone on a vegetarian/seafood diet for this trip. i think i’ve eaten this more than 4x already. more stuff later. ta-ta!


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