wish you were here ~ pink floyd

we took a day trip out to sihanoukville. which is a very nice beach town south of phnom penh. we woke up at the crack of dawn to catch the rented mini-bus to the beach. we made a few stops in between, like breakfast at a shell gas station. it was a full run restaurant in the back. i guess they not only servicegas but noodle soup too. heheh. another rest stop not only had toilets but a row of religious mini temple monuments for people to pay their respects. dunno. didn’t ask. maybe for safe trip on the road thingy.

before you know it we saw the bright sea horizon ahead. it was sooo nice to get away from the busy pollution of the city. we randomly chose a hotel across from the beach. the room was decent, a little on the moldy smelly-side but still a deal. we had a quick lunch & went off to the beach for the rest of the day. it sprinkled rain a few times but it didn’t matter. it was actually quite nice with the cool sprinkles in that hot sun. the water was warm & the sand was super soft. hardly any tourist mostly khmer ppl, which is nice to see. one of the aunties brought us a big bag of fresh coconut juice, pomelo fruits & green mangos w/ salty dip. it was nice. yum.

we headed back for the city the next morning. we barely caught the free breakfast before 8am but i just needed a little to keep my stomach from growling. traveling w/ N’s family is always a surprise. we’d make stops here & there. this time we stopped at a water fall not to far from sihanoukville. omg! i wanted to jump under the waterfall. i”ll try & post pictures. its really nice. it was full of families enjoying a day a the waterfalls(the sign they have out says watershed. ha). there were huts all around the area for resting & splashing into the waters. its not a fancy foreigner type place but its still nice. i think the only non-asian person i saw there was J’s husband, her MIL and this one old caucasian man. we probably spent about 2hrs there before heading back on the road. we wanted to get back into the city before 5pm. the roads to the city center starts closing off for all the festivities.

off to school

off to school

ancient bridge

ancient bridge

party trucks - heading into the city for the festival

its amazing to see how much can cram into one truck

its amazing to see how much can cram into one truck


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