latte & biscotti

lazy weekend, kinda
i was super excited to use my new coffee cup that i got in bangkok. i love how the texture is matte! i’m usually not too keen about caring breakables on a long flight but this was too cute to not have.

like i said on previous entries, its going to be busy. i’m trying to slowing work myself into some of the projects even though its on its earlier stages but there are some projects i should be near done. oh well, i’ve got about less than 48hrs to get that done. this past week, i sent out a majority of the client gifts on friday. i wrapped my little heart out till 3am, but i really do like the gift wrapping part. i’ve got one more to shop for but i’m too lazy this weekend to go get it. that will have to be on my list-to-do tomorrow.

so, i’ve been told i’m nowhere to be found once when winter hits. in all truth, i literally hibernate when it comes to the cold snowy wintery weather. i’ve already passed on meeting up for drinks w/ friends, a traditional swedish smorgasbord, having soupy buns w/my best friend to even visiting my parents. and if i absolutely have to go out, i make sure i do everything i need to within that day so i won’t have to leave the house for however many other days. sounds wierd? maybe. hey i’m not at a total lost of communication, i’ve got email, phone & im. plus, i’ll be out & about when spring pops in. hehhehee


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