weekend rant list

its almost the weekend and i can’t wait. the past few days have been fragments of events. not that there is much of an event in the first place but its still alot of things going on here & there & everywhere.

  • its still hella cold here and its officially the start of winter. tg, for down coats!
  • I need to make an appt w/ the dentist very soon.
  • may go out and buy a sofa at this moment. I love my current sofa. Its very ‘50s but when its 3-legged and springs are coming through. Its time.
  • i don’t care for either Kevin or Jennifer, but “Rumor has it…” was a good no-brainer movie.
  • don’t u hate it when ur socks runs down your boots!
  • got my fatboy
  • meeting up w/ friends from Seoul who we saw while we were in Seoul
  • literally went to visit my neighbor in my pajamas at midnight
  • finally got the language of blood by the author who brought tears to my eyes during her reading in Seoul
  • attempt to make steamed Chinese sponge cake
  • the f**kin’ awesome gift I found for N is now back ordered till end of January. It’ll have to be a Chinese new year gift
  • as much as I love my laptop, I love my desktop more.
  • just a few weeks ago this house was immaculate, today it’s a jungle
  • dry skin is here to stay for the next few months. boohoo!
  • its my first x’mas back since 2002.

good times & good memories for the holiday season!


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