lighted boats
the lighted boat show in phnom penh, cambodia in November

its alive!. a techie told me it would take only half a day to fix my computer. well, i’m no techie, but it took me almost 2 days to figure everything out & bring it back to life. i’m sooo happy my lil’desktop can still work it!

last night, i had good food & good company w/ old college friends. some i haven’t seen in awhile & some i haven’t seen since we were in our 20s. night ended in a laugh, because one of the friend of a friend beelined his way to talk to me. kinda jock or suit type. if i was out on the market, this is not my type. anyways, tried very very hard to have a friendly conversation w/ this man. then it became plain ol’ stupid. wtf? i don’t know how to make kimchee nor do i know what wang clan province is in china? now i know i was the only asian in the group, but geez can he be more topic specific? tg! we dispersed after the bar closed. at least my friends and i that i came w/ had a good laugh home.

happy new year!


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