get cookin’
bbq pork lomein
one of my favorite comfort dishes: cantonese panfried noodles w/ leftover bbq pork w/ fresh shitake mushrooms & lots of green onions
rocket & bresaola salad
rocket & bresaola salad: “it’ll be the best salad you’ll ever have!” says my brother. so he whips it up. we gobbled it up before even reaching the dining table to sit & eat. it was delicious. though he says its better w/ larger shaved parmesean. i didn’t notice. i don’t kno if its the best salad i’ve ever had in my life but i do love it.

my new additions:
new additions
i love getting giftcards, especially to bookstores. with my giftcards & credits, i managed to get a stack of new cookbooks. the only book i actually bought was the The Cuisine of Cambodia, which i paid alot in terms of USD in cambodia(but still expensive for the US, too). anyways, i’ve already flipped through all the books. i’m really excited about the walnut biscotti from Mario Batali’s book. i think because it calls for nicello (walnut liquer) in the recipe. hehehhe


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