cruise n’ booze

view from the odysseychocolate martini
not sure if that goes well together because i’m either drinking a lot of martinis w/ a buzz or all the martinis i drank were really weak and that the boat is just rockin’ my equilibrium to make it feel like a buzz. i think the drinks were weak because i was back to my normal self when we docked & stepped onto land. anyways, had a great time @ L’s company holiday party. her company likes to go off the calendar w/ the rest the world to have their holiday parties around this time instead. it gave me a chance to try out the odyssey at least once in my life. who can beat free food, booze & a 3hr cruise w/ a spectacular view of the skyline.

roasted butternut squash salad
quickie meal tried out this simple salad the other day from an old issue of Everyday Food. i had to do something with the squash i had since October & a bag of arugula that probably had another week to live. only 4 ingredients(olive oil, feta cheese, arugula & butternut squash) and voila! i wasn’t too sure what it was going to taste like but it all came together once you put it in your mouth. sweet(squash, salty(feta), a little bitter bite(arugula) and nutty(ex v olive oil). i had it for 2 days. i feel so healthy for some reason. 😛


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