{eats} homemade is always better

Weekend Feast

steak &  chunky mash potatoes

Pan seared steak w/ mushroom sauce. The portobello mushroom sauce was made with white wine instead of red, cause I didn’t have any on hand. Also, made buttery chunky mash potatoes & broiled asparagus(not pictured) w/ olive oil, lemon juice & fresh shaved parmesan. Kosher salt & ground pepper to taste.

my lazy answer to zucchini risotto. Stir fried zucchini w/ garlic & shallots and then tossed in leftover rice.
zucchini rice

I scream for some blueberry ice cream. i’ve been on a blueberry binge.
ice creeeam!

sorry no Chinese new year feast pictures this year. but i have this leftover roast pork dish I made for lunch today. Its no fun eating cold uncrunchy roast pork the next day. So, I chop it up and steam it with shrimp paste & ginger. When its done & full of juices, I toss on a pile of green onions. It’s not your typical yummy smellin’ dish, but if ur use to fish sauce & thousand year old duck egg you’ll be okay with shrimp paste. this is a nice way leftover roast pork. I always end up with having more than one bowl of rice.
CNY leftover alternative CNY leftover alternative


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