the other night we decided to treat ourselves to a nice sushi dinner nearby, called agami. it was an excuse for us to eat out and pat ourselves on the back for all the craziness in the past few weeks. it was okay. the decor was just a theatrical strange hip messiness. i don’t even know how to describe it. the booth we were put in was a circular bright green mars w/ hot red vinyl seats. i asked for tea and she gave me a hot glass of water & a green tea packet. wtf? now, if i’m footing out expensive sushi rolls wouldn’t u think i’d get a cup of hot tea that wasn’t from a tea bag? anyways, food was so-so. its trying really hard to attract all the new condo ppl in the area. gentrification.

i’ve been holding onto a free pass to the gym nearby. so today, i made myself get up early for the 1st water aerobics class. i was probably the only 30-something w/ a pool of 60+. mind u i have not worked out in years, besides climbing Angkor Wat 2 months ago, if that even counts as a workout. i was probably the most geriatric than anyone in there. anyhoo, i made it through the hour & it was fun. it was a pretty nice gym. they even have a contraption to spin out all the water for ur wet suit afterwards in the ladies locker room. its like a salad spinner for your clothes. i wanted to spin more but all i had was my dinky swim suit. ha! little things that amazes me. i kno, i’m a dork. 😛


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