after my client couldn’t make the end-of-day deadline, i was able to finally take a break and head out to the domino party held at CB2. i had actually rsvp-ed a while ago, but wasn’t sure i was going to even make it from the night before. i hadn’t eaten all day but i was looking forward to the free cocktails & hors d’oeuvres. i had plan B in place if it was going to be lame, but the food was pretty good and i had a nice time. i filled up on a few mini burgers, seared tuna & chicken salad. then washed it all down with a few glasses of white wine and bottled water. i was really full before the event was over. they had orange-tinis going around but it was realllly really strong. i’m glad i didn’t have to pay for that one sip, eek. i was also really surprised there were no drunk people toppeling over the stacked glassware, but i did see a few close calls. we mingled, ate while sitting in psuedo living rms & dining sets. afterwards there was a drawing. didn’t win but we all got a goodie bag to go (t-shirt, coasters, the host magazine & store catalog). not bad for a last minute outing on a work day week.


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