racing for the clock

its been an insanely tough, tough week. i’m still on deadlines galore. I’ve got to get to a dentist ASAP. there’s barely any food in the house. the house is a mess and i’ve got ppl coming over this weekend. so amongst the insanity its nice to squeeze in some goodness:

– sounds of wilco. Its definitely one of those moods.

inside the actor’s studio episode w/ david chappelle. I’m going to go rent half-baked and catch block party (also another reason to see it, becuz its directed by michel gondry. i love his work!).

– kitty time. their good for a little break away from the monitor.

kendall cookie house dining room
– a nice dinner with friends. it was Kendall College’s winter finals – grand buffet. the theme for the night was carribbean. cheesy décor, tropical ingredients and lotsa old people who want a cheap meal, too. gosh, i could be one of them in my geriatric yrs, but i may be there already if were in the same place at the present. eeek! anyways, I had myself a pina colada to start. It was a full house, but the dining room was actually very open & modern. all the students stood behind their goods. i imagine if this is what a cruise ship buffet is like, this would come close to it. the line to the buffet started long. a few nasty people who act as if they haven’t eatin’ in years. why do people do that? the lighting was off in different serving stations, so the food & the signs were too hard to see for even my 20/20 vision. there was a huge selection of hor d’oeurves, pâtès, mousses, terrines and charcuterie. its like having cold tapas. i would name off some smal goodies but the long-ass list is almost a blur now. they also had a few hot dishes, mahi mahi and cuts of grilled sirloin steak w/ a mustardy pineapple sauce. I was lovin’ the duck paté. I think the chef was really happy to admit his mastery after my third serving. For $25 (includes tip but not beverages) I was sooo stuffed. I barely made it to the dessert table. i finished the night with coffee & a slice of tres leche (which was okay). But that’s okay, I’m a savory gal.
more hor d'oeuvres hors d'oeuvres

alas..back to work.


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