Weekend recap:

– chauffeured my biz partner to the airport at the ass-crack of dawn
– dental appt in the burbs
– vendor appt in the city, downtown
– running to every office depot/max/mart in the city to find 2 decent binders
– caught in a rally traffic that was blocking where I need to be
– forgot to feed friend’s cat until the following day, he hissed at me bad time
– its girl scout cookie season, where r they? I want some!
– belated dinner w/ in-law family, had Persian which i got leftovers (that lasted for 3 days)
– somehow a car flipped over upside down on a very narrow one-way street by my house
– the weather was in the 60s, which made me want to do spring cleaning. that lasted only an hour. the cleaning that is, ha!

in other news my cats have been annoyingly needy lately. mmm…?


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