happy 1st day of spring ,but the space heater is still out. bbrrrr!

Sometimes I don’t know why I sign up for things a few months or weeks prior to an event or function. When that day comes, I wonder why I did it, especially on a nice gorgeous lazy Sunday. But I’m usually glad, otherwise I would be a total useless bum of a hermit. So when this Sunday rolled around, I had to psych myself out to volunteer for the tree house @ the pet expo in Arlington Heights. I really dread driving to unknown territories of the burbs, because I tend to get lost when I’m out of the city grid system. thankfully this place was just off the highway. i got there a whole hour early, which gave me time to take some quick pix.
Pet Expo 2006gigantic dog bones
Pet Expo 2006
The place was jam packed with animal lovers, young & old. The human & animal traffic made it hard to get from point A to point B. but I have to say, it was fun to see all the cute animals and crazy stuff for sale. Pets are big business. Its probably bigger than wedding businesses (which mostly happens once for every person) but pets are like in every other household, give or take. i’m happy to see alot of rescue organizations, because there so much great animals that need good homes.
Pet Expo 2006 kitty sushi toys pet portraiturespet snakes for sale
There were only a handful of cool things for sale (in my opinion), but there were a few I was just totally stumped. Now I know some people want to commemorate their pets, like the portraiture place pictured above. That’s not bad, but not for me. If I had a castle to put it in, it might be cool, but I barely have enough wall space as is. Anyways, there was this one lady who does child-like pet paintings. She totally interrogated me for taking a photo of her booth (I’d post it but don’t want to hear from this crazy lady), as if I was going to copy her fugly ass work. I’m serious, who buys this shit. To me it was like someone who tried to recreate a lousy edvard munch and blew chunks on it. Anyways the picture came out blurry and it was really for my own research to see whats out there. update: i found her up on the web. she has all these statements about copyright and do not copy my beautiful art. geez, a 10yr old do a better job than that. i don’t get it.okay, i’m just ranting cuz she left a bad taste in my mouth.
man & his whippet
Pet Expo 2006
for the most part, it was it was good to see how much people love animals & people where proud to show them off. I must not be that much of a fanatic because I would have not known about this event if I didn’t sign myself up for this. when i got home, i just wanted to hug all my kitties!!!


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