say cheese!

i have to say i’m no cheese expert. i just know what i like, if i’ve tried it, i’ll remember for later.

flashback: i was on a roadtrip to a girlfriend’s parents summer home. she brought a fruit & veggie plate with boursin cheese. i thought it was the yummiest cheese since cream cheese. i could’ve have ate all that spreadable stuff on its own but that would be rude. the other day, when i saw it at the grocery store, i had to get it. i usually get the garlic & herbs, but i guess they’ve come out with other flavors, which i’ve never seen. in one sitting, the hubby n’ i devoured half of it w/ raw carrot sticks, until we were out of carrots (we would have probably finished it all if we had more).

so today, i decided to make open face sandwich for my sunday brunch. just spread a nice layer of the cheese on wheat toast, top it w/ scramble egg and a few slices of capicolla (italian spicy pork cold cut). omg! soooo good!

in other news had a nice day with the girls. shopping was exhausting. eating was good. the company was priceless. (k, i’mma dork!)

tunes: enjoyinging jenny lewis


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