heat wave in april
with the windows open, my kitties are enjoying some fresh air. the ice cream man is already out jingling his little cart up and down the neighborhood. kids are out for springbreak. with the weather being in the 70s for the past few days, its as if we skipped spring. but then again this is chicago. it could rain, sleet or worse yet, snow the next day!

its been so nice out, i haven’t been cooking much lately. but this weekend the family is coming this way for easter and i’ve been designated to host brunch. in fact i’ve been designated to host easter for the past 4yrs. i’m usually all over it w/ a fun menu. but this year i’m just not feelin’ it. no chance of it passing it to someone else, when my mom-in-law is boohoo-ing about wanting to eat my food. guilt factor here. so, i’ve got until thursday to get my list together. friday to shop for everything. saturday to clean the place & prep my meals. sunday is cooking & hosting. ugh, exhausting just thinking about it!

in other news: you know what scares me? walking into a furniture store. sales person practically pops out of nowhere right in front of my face. giving her sales schpiel million miles a minute. but i really couldn’t pay attention to her because i was too busy scanning this once fair skinned caucasian woman’s tanned orangey-brown color skin. the texture of her skin was very elephant-like. then she wore this linen like dress that look more like a burlap bag. man, it was hideous! it so wrong, i couldn’t browse any longer.


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  1. overly tanned people really scare me. i’ve been watching CNN at work (we have tvs in the cafeteria) and one of the ladies on there is overly tan. i mentioned it to some coworkers and they said that she had a “healthy glow.” i think she went overboard on the tanning!

    oh, found your blog thru your link on flickr. the fried-but-not rice looks good!

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