spring is here

bleeding heartgrape hyacinths

my garden is coming along nicely. its been nice to go out and tend to my grand plan of an english cottage garden in my lil’ city yard…ha! i’m sure my neighbors think i’m a freakazoid, pounding some border stuff at 6am one day. then pulling bags n’ bags of mulch & soil to cover the front & back yard a few days in a row. then hauling containers and large stone potters the next. i’ve relocated some perennials but i need another rain storm to move more. things should grow into place nicely if the squirrels don’t dig into it first (damn, them!). its hard work but some how its theraputic.

in da yardin da yard

then the weather took a drastic plunge after the weekend. the heat kicked on. i’ve got a big ‘ol scraf on in the house like an old lady waiting for another warm front to let me out again. bbbrr!

in other news: finally finished watching Brokeback Mtn, did anyone have a hard time understanding Ennis’ (Heath Ledger) mumble? it was like listening to Boomhauer. nontheless, we had to put the subtitles on.

then in about 2 weeks, i’ll be off on another adventure. stay tuned…


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