where in the world…?

besides traveling & learning about new places on Amazing Race, i’ve been dealing with some places i’ve never heard of until now. have you heard these places? Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Faroe Islands, Oman & Seychelles (i just came across this because i was looking up something else and it was the same name of my shoes. lol). i’ll be seeing one of these places up close very soon.

for now, i’ll just drown myself in cold medicine & a nice bowl of asia’s “chicken soup remedy,” congee (rice soup). i like pork & lots of preserved duck egg. yes, the dark scary ugly stuff. its not for everybody but then again it depends on personal taste. like my girl, c, who can take command on offal cooking, i give her a big high five. i can do away on some stuff, but i definitely can not prepare and eat it. if someone else makes it, maybe. she’s a true foodie-food!


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  1. oh congee! that stuff is the best. i eat it with plenty of ginger, ground pork, and century egg and fresh scallion on top. yum! hope you feel better soon.

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