middle of the atlantic ocean


It took a whole day of traveling but we’re finally here in Torshavn, Faroe Islands. Our layover in Copenhagen was long. I’m in love with the dark wood floors in that airport. No doubt the great design of the danes. The exchange rate was either outrageous or the price of things were super-duper expensive. Anyways, its freakin’ expensive here!! Our 2hr flight from Copenhagen to the Islands were full of mostly men boozin’ up on the free drinks. N told me, the bathrooms on the plane was not very forgiving. lots of miss marked targets, you know what I mean? Even through the thick gloomy clouds, I can see the breathtaking views of this island. Its like scenes from lord of the ring, but its not very green here. The airport was teeny-tiny. We were the last flight in so the terminal was pretty dead besides us. The info lady was ready to book out of the box after our question. We got on the local bus and winded around the mountain sides and through long mountain tunnels for about 45mins. Daylight seem to last till 10pm. We almost missed our stop. We jumped into a taxi but that ride only took a milli second because we had no idea it was just up the hill. This always happens when i’m geographically illiterate on the first day. Its hard to tell distance from the hilly streets. Meet our host. Got to the rental apt. ordered pizza and said our g’dnights.

day 1
its Prayer Day. its an official national holiday here and most places are closed. The story is that someone from long time ago decided to consolidate all the religious holidays into one and that’s how it became prayer day. So now we’re going to have to figure out where to eat. Its really wet & cold outside and its suppose to snow later today. Bleeech, just when I thought I was getting away from our crazy Midwest weather. Ha!

rainy & cold

i managed to find a lil’ kiosk on the corner from our apt. not much but it’ll do for now. i’m hoping for some lunch at the gallery later.

fresh faroese bakery

art opening
some selected details from some amazing artists from around the world.

gratis buttons
buttons by the guys of ruangrupa (indonesia)
Tracing Trades: International Adoption and Nordic Colonialism
Tracing Trades: International Adoption and Nordic Colonialism
a mix media installation by jane jin kaisen & tobias hübinette (denmark & sweden)

more later…


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