more on day 1…

excerpt details of rannvná holm mortensen’s (the faroe islands) work.

Anyway after the art show we all headed back to the center of town for dinner. Since this was a paid dinner with the organization I only had two choices for the meal. Meat or vegetarian. They didn’t tell us what ingredients were in each dish but I chose the meat since veggie probably won’t sustain me for the weak meals i’ve been eating since I got off the plane. When the dishes finally came I was finally told it was mutton. Shit, I hate lamb as is! gyro is as far as i go, where its been spiced to death. I gag at the taste of game. At this moment I have no choice but to eat the dang thing or starve. Its suppose to be really fresh stuff from the area. When the dish came. it was all an unidentifiable creamy  something. I dug in and cleaned it out. I did taste the game but it was so subtle I didn’t have time to regurgitate. Plus washing it down with a bottle chianti helped. Ha, I survived lamb stew! Thankfully, i didn’t choose vegetarian, that was just one big nasty mess than my stew. lets just say food here isn’t a very strong thing.

dinner @ toscana
dessert @ toscana

After dinner the owner of the restaurant was cool enough to let the Jakarta boys take over the sound system w/ their dj music. soon the cozy lil’ Italian place became a loud-ass discotheque joint.

the nordic housegray
Also we moved from the apt we were staying in town to the Nordic House up on a hill. I’m not sure if its for the general public to stay but since we were one of the artists showcasing for the following day they let us use one of the guest rooms in back. I think they only had three rooms. They were really nice like a spa hotel, could be all the stone & wood interior designs. Beautiful view (if it would stop raining for one moment). Anyways, its kinda weird to stay in an empty theater house after hours. Not that we had access to the whole place but its still somewhat weird & fascinating to be here.

nordic interior design

in other news: one thing to point out these past few days is the excessive smoking. you’d think i’d come into some fresh air on this remote island but every one smokes here. everyone & everywhere! i thought asia was bad, but at least its mostly men who smoke out there. here its like a fashion statement. man, woman & child (as soon as they can hold it between thier hands) are firing up! my clothes & hair has never smelled more like an ashtray than now. i just stepped out of my room this morning to go grab some breakfast downstairs. the first thing i get a big whiff out my door? uh-huh…u kno it! *cough*

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