2,3 & 4.5

its kinda cool to wake up and just walk out to see everyone getting the stage ready. its like working at home in your pjs. anyways, day 2 was all performance day so i spent most of the day getting things ready and a few hours tech preparation.

all the performances were great. a great mix of people & work. topics of race to gender to victims of war to foreign adoptees.

after all the performances, the guys from jakarta mixed it up and the faroese 200 rocked it. then we continued the partying in the apt we had stayed in the first night. lots of smoke, vodka n’ juice and good laughs. we all crashed back to bed around 4am, which is pretty much daylight again.

mixing board

boats & goodbyes
we had to meet the others in town @ noon. we couldn’t wake up a fellow performer for the boat trip. he was basically dead asleep. so i left a note and gave him the taxi number to get to the airport by the afternoon.

we grabbed lunch at the port.


got on the boat and toured around the islands for 2hrs.

afterwards, most of the gang had to catch a flight back to the hustle n’ bustle and a few of us caught our bus back into town. there isn’t much to do. we stopped in for a quick cafe bite before retiring for our early flight the next morning. after today i’m ready to get back to the craziness of the city.

sun & jumps
we woke up to a bright gorgeous morning. where the hell was it for the past 3 days?

nordic house sunrise
torshavn, faroe islands
we did a few crazy jumping pictures. got into our taxi. caught the earliest bus to the airport (otherwise a cab ride would cost mucho $$$ for the hours so ride). the bus ride view was spectacular because the sun was freakin’ out. the airport was just opening up when we got there. got my souvenir magnet. N got her last groupie signature from the faroese bass player from the other night, who happen to be on the same flight. copenhagen here we come!


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