damn those danes….

how i love thee.

I mean that in a good way. Its so cool here! It’s nice to be surrounded by cool urban & modern designs. Even our hotel I found was fun. Our room wasn’t ready when we got there, so we took a sneak peek of this sprawling city. Boy, its gonna be dangerous to our plastics. More about that later. Grabbed a quick bite at a nearby café. It was one of the best damn tarts I’ve had in a while. Yummers!

strawberry tart

Went back to recheck in. Didn’t know which room to expect but we ended up w/ room #204, tokidoki heaven. I kinda felt like a little girl again. Ha!

room #204

After a nice dose of free internet access & catch-up nap, we were ready to head out to the burbies to reconnect with our danish friend’s garden party. It was drizzly, gloomy & cold for an outdoor party but we all braved the yucky weather for the nice get together. Our host ordered Chinese takeout. When it arrived, it was the same stuff for all 7 containers of gravy soup for meat eaters & vegetarians alike. Hell by that time, I was soooo hungry, I’m not going to even complain about the bad Chinese food I had in denmark. by late evening we all moved inside & had ben & jerry’s for dessert. I don’t really have a sweet tooth but B&J have never tasted so damn good.


2 thoughts on “damn those danes….

  1. the tart looks so scrumptious. the color is to DIE for. omg that hotel is awesome! the rooms are incredible!

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