I woke up just in time to grab the last of the AWESOME complimentary breakfast. They definitely put out a really nice spread and you get to bring it up to your room. i was so greedy i went back twice, since A could never wake up for it. I’m lovin’ the fresh berries n’ yogurt. for some reason the yogurt taste much better here. They also had half sandwiches, too! Much more filling than just toast & plain old bagels.

i still can’t get over how cool this hotel is. not only are the rooms graphically treated, its also in the stairwell & lounge, too. i went on snapping tour. too bad the weather never let up, because it would have been nice to lounge on their lil’ deck (picture on the left). all in all i recommend it if your headed out there.

outdoor deck other room doors

high on istedgade
we walked down to central station to meet up with our friend Jane. who took us to shops along the red light/ethnic district. since we had a late start we only had about 5 hours to shop because they all close by 6pm. not a problem, if we were just window shopping. ha! who are we kidding here. along w/ meeting up with another friend for coffee, our shopping time was cut to 4hrs. there are so many cute shops on this one strip who knows how much damage could have happened if we had more time to shop. not to mention everything is friggin’ expensive. its cool & unique but expensive. the only problem w/ shopping here is that alot of places don’t take credit card, especially the small specialty shops. they only take cash or the danish debit card. we bought what we could with the mentality that its so cute & unique, just have to have it. plus i highly doubt i’ll be back anytime soon, right?

after shopping, we decided to stay in and have a nice dinner at the restaurant in the hotel before our flight out the next day. then we thought about our day of shopping and realize we couldn’t get enough of it. so we decided to shop the morning before we caught our afternoon flight out. how sick is that? i swear i don’t do this very often.

forget about the roundtrip train ticket, we barely made it to the airport via taxi. we have no shame. good shopping is a high.

paris here we come!


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