heat wave


this is abbey, my gfriend’s dog. she looooves to play catch w/ the tennis ball. even she needed a rest from the heat. 😛

woooweeee…what a weekend. its not officially summer, but it was sweltering hot out here in the midwest. the kind where you need to take several showers per hour and the air conditioners are humming throughout the day. unfortunately, i haven’t set mines up yet, so the fan will have to whip the thick air for now. i didn’t break out the grill either but several people i knew had already started before the weekend came. so i bbq hopped all weekend long. i love bbqs. forget about the dangers of carcinogens & smoke, nothing means summer than a nice whiff of food sizzlin’ on the grill. now all we just need is the buzz of the cicadas. also went horseback riding out in the far south burbies. i had a beautiful reddish-brown horse named Redd. it was good ride through a nice woody trail. i felt bad for the horses though, they were being eaten alive by those nasty flies. no runaway horses to report but my thighs definitely feels the pain today. i must say, it was very theraputic, like gardening. i’ll have to do it again when the weather cools down in the fall.

in other news: its back to work. boo. lots of stuff to catch up on.


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