last weekend of freedom

there were a list of activities to do this weekend. but that all changed when the rain came down early this morning and the temperature also dropped drastically. my appt w/ my acct got cancelled. the laundry room is in use. i started cleaning my office so i’m blowing off a BBQ invite to continue cleaning. i still have tomorrow’s events to deal with. today i just don’t feel like going out. its a blah day so i feel blah. blah, blah, blah. u kno what i mean?

i’m mentally trying to prepare myself for the upcoming pile of work & deadlines after this week. i’m not sure if i’m ready to work 24/7 yet. it’s been nice & easy since i got back from europe last month. it’s given me some time to catch up on the neglected little things (laundry, admin, organizing, etc). yet there’s still more to do, but at least its not piled up to my ears.

here’s one of our usual rituals after a meeting with our client in the southwest side:
2 carne asada & 1 chorizo tacos
we always go to this one taqueria on archer and something. i can’t remember the address but i know it by visual recognition. instead of ordering all carne asada, i added one chorizo taco with a tall cold glass of horchata (cinnamony rice drink). yum! :9


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