holy crap, i took an early morning intermediate pilates class yesterday and i’m definitely feelin’ the sore areas today. i haven’t takin’ pilates in over 4yrs. i should have started with beginners but when i signed up for the class last week, it didn’t indicate it as intermediate. half the class was filled w/ those super work out jock type who knew all the pilate lingo & movements. hundredth, i knew but hot potato, waah??? i’m sure i was looking pretty sloppy with my made-up movements. ha! while in class, the ac was blasting and the fans were whirling. i was sweating from the waist up but below that i was ice cold. i was sort of embarrassed when the instructor had to touch my frigid bare feet to correct a movement. aack! the cold also made me want to go pee. so when my back wasn’t straight & my tummy was sagging during a push up, the instructor came and nudged my tummy area. ackk! that could have caused a wee accident. ya kno what i mean? it was a good work out but i was definitely counting down the minutes for class to be over.

in other news: work is kickin’ my ass! i hope i can get all this done before the end of this month, which is right around the corner! pray for me.


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