pink cosmo

fence de fleur

for the past few years i’ve been trying to grow something along the fence that separates the side of my walkway along my house and an apt building’s yard (which isn’t too far along the sights of sanford & son). so one year, my dad tried to grow wintermelons & bittermelons. thinking large leaf & big melons would be a great coverup. that didn’t work. the constant shaking & climbing from the kids next door disrupted the flowering melons and stunted its growth with little retarded looking vegetables. last year, i tried growing morning glory as a hardy fence climber. that didn’t work. last year’s harsh dry weather & the kid’s constant soccer ball banging on the fence never gave the poor plants a chance to grow or climb.

so this year i planted a bunch of cosmos. they can grow as high as 4 feet or more. for such a delicate looking flower, its a badass when it comes to poor dirt conditions, long hours in the sun(can withstand drought) & flowers constantly throughout the season. that’s a good thing, since my waterhose don’t reach very far along the house. the colors vary(white, pinks & dark pink). the best part is that i may not have to worry about the hideous fence next year because it my just reseed itself full of cosmos. *cross my fingers*

here’s squeeg relaxing on the deck while i tend with the garden.


2 thoughts on “

  1. wow that looks awesome! maybe i should try growing those as i can’t seem to grow anything at all.

    is your cat an outdoor cat?

  2. you should. its pretty.

    no my cats are all indoor. i just let the ones out that will behave and STAY in the yard. my 2 old cats have a habit of jumping over fences & running into other ppls yards.

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