sweet treats:

lait concentré sucré aka condensed milk

one of the few things i scored at the grocery stores, while in paris, was the 2 for 1 condensed milk in a tube. i love this stuff! it makes life easier for simple foodie things. too bad they don’t sell it here. i like to just zig-zag some on a nice super buttery piece of texas toast or maybe a few squirt into my mug before i pour my hot java into it. why do they only sell it in cans here? i can never use one whole can in one sitting. and when you’ve got leftover, you have to store the rest. its a pain to transfer the sweet sticky leftover into a storable container, which eventually gets all crusty & sometimes contaminated after a few uses. well, i won’t have to worry about that for awhile. i’m sure 2 tubes will last me a while until someone goes to france or anywhere else that sells this stuff in a tube. heehhee 😛

in other news: i’m almost there!!
*update* its done! of course it would have not happened w/ out my super freelancer. of course, we both started this with a very small knowledge of a very non-design friendly program but we managed and finished. damnit!! next time i need at least a week without getting close to blowing my brains out!


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