It’s already halfway through the long holiday weekend(that’s if your lucky to have Monday off too). Mine started by Friday afternoon (technically Thursday, didn’t do anything work related). By the time I was on the road heading south to my dad’s at 2pm in the afternoon, so was the rest of the city. It took me a good 1hr and a half from the normal 20min. eeek! Then again since the road construction for the dan ryan expressway started, traffic has been a nightmare. i veered off the expressway after an hour which probably saved me from another hour of hell. aiyaaah!

Nothing exciting when I got to my dad’s. just a plate full of steamed blue crab & shrimp to snack on till my fingers were all wrinkled. Then we all sat out on the stoop and watched his neighborhood go ‘bout its business. The area is going through a gentrifying transition. i’m sure starbucks will find its way there in due time.

Saturday traffic wasn’t any better. It took us 2hrs to get to the far north burbies than the normal 40mins. It was like a slow death on the road! I’ve never been to LA but I’ve been told many times people drive like this on the norm. its not so much the time or distance but the crawl & idling. I’d rather live in my house than my car. thank god, the return trip was a breeze.

Today, I only had to head east for a brunch. A good 15-20mins. much much better than hours & hours of stop and go traffic. I don’t’ think I can take it for another day. Does that make me a wuss? Whatever.

On a another note, today I went to a brunch to meet a new friend(C) It’s a friend(C) of a friend(B). I’ve never meet the friend(B) who introduced me to her friend (C) via email. But that friend(B) & I have a mutual friend(A) that we both know on separate occasions. Did you catch that? Its six degrees. The friend(A & B)s we know, don’t even live in the states. Ha! Magic of the internet, I tell ya.

in other news: the apt building next door are having a a Mexican-style baby shower. Food, balloons and a dj spinnin’ circus-like music. And since those speakers face the side of my house I literally had to put headphones on to watch tv because it was louder than the highest volume on my tv.

check out the size of those speakers


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