st. joseph, michigan st. joseph, michigan

quick getaway
while working and calling up some friends to catch up with life. its funny how time flies and you don’t realize how much you miss your friends & family far away. not that L was that far away but she was headed to Michigan to enjoy her 3 month sabbatical in a small beach town. i decided to shut down and join her for a few days. Even though it was still Thursday mid afternoon, i don’t think my clients would miss me for a day and a half. called the hubs to tell him i won’t be home for a few days and packed a small bag outta town.

st. joseph, michigan st. joseph, michigan

arrived to a quaint little town. soft sand & fresh water beach. not too crowded. much nicer than the chicago side. from where she lived we can practically walk or bike to the beach. too bad us adults don’t have summers off. wouldn’t it be nice to bum on a beach for a few months? oh well, i’ll have to settle with coming back few more times this summer to just hangout. 🙂

in other news: took the first amtrak train back into the city. all the cars were pretty full. found a seat next to a young guy. big, hipsterish type. listening to his ipod. his music was pretty loud. i couldn’t decipher it at first. then i heard you raise me up… (josh brolin) after that, i had a hard time concentrating on my book for sometime. he probably likes oprah and hootie.


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