i think the mere mention of those 3-letter words scares people. that place is always a mad house. its no fun any time or day to go there.

since i have no idea what happened to my renewal papers, i had to make a quick dash to the nearest office before the end of the month before my plates expire. we know the cops are always hungry to give a ticket to any poor soul with a lil expired sticker.

when it was my turn up to the counter:

dmv guy: wow, you drive a pickup?
me: yeah, why?
dmv guy: oh, cause you don’t look like you drive that kind of car.
me: what do i look like i drive? a sedan?
dmv guy: no, but woman & pickup don’t go together? its unusual.
me: really? we’ll now you know. i’m not the norm.
dmv guy: yeah, but i still never seen a woman behind a pickup.
*me thinking to myself* does this guy live in a hole? i see woman driving pickups & even hummers all over town!

anyhoo, my paperwork probably got lost in the stupidity of whoever entered it from before. he finally tracked it down. i thought he was entering the correct info when he handed me the final paper work. i didn’t even bother to look (stupid of me) cause i just wanted to get the hell out of there. so, today i’m about to go stick on the new sticker when i noticed all the address info was a mix of the north & south side of chicago. shit! now i have to go back and correct this or else i’ll have to repeat this bullshit next year. wtf?

in other news: its hella hot here!
heat is on!


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  1. it’s funny that you mention the DMV because my friend just went to the RMV (massachusetts just HAS to be different) just yesterday and was stressing about the lines after work.

    dude. women are seen behind the wheel of pickup trucks all the time. was that guy serious? i thought maybe he was trying to hit on you, but then i thought that was pretty dumb way of doing that!

    what calendar do you use on your computer? it looks really cool. hmm… i hop it’s not a mac program because i wouldn’t be able to use it…

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