another weekend update
you know last week was a blur. i’m not even sure what happened. i’d have to look back at my calendar just to tell you, but i’m not gonna. who wants to know unmemorable week old stuff, but here’s some fresh weekend updates.

this is probably the first long weekend i felt relaxed enough to go on a small road trip to milwaukee. there’s nothing much out there but we like to make a few good stops along the way. first stop, apple holler. here you can go apple pickin’. drink apple cider. eat apple pie. my favorite:
@ Apple Holler apple fritters

and if your not all apple’d out, you go for food that has other appley contents.
Apple Holler, WI
Apple Holler, WI
basically you needed to roll us outta there to continue the drive.

once we got into town, we had to stop in the famous sausage makers of america, usingers. its got the old german charm. as dead as downtown was, everyone knows to go into this place to buy, pack & ship their products home.
they make every kind of sausage you can name. everything is made on the premises. i’m not super sausage eater but if i were i’d have to buy a freezer to stock up. ha!

the reason for us to be in milwaukee on a friday was to try out the friday fish fry. not that we were hungry yet after apple holler. no matter the case may be, we had to get some fried fish into our system. so we killed some time at a huge church rummage sale.

after browsing through the underground sewage pipes of the church, i think we found some room in our stomach for some fish fry.

we probably could have had our fish fry at the church cafeteria but we opted for Kegel’s, cause we saw an article in Saveur.
Kegel's Inn Kegel's Inn
Kegel's Inn
Kegel's Inn
not pictured, cause we ate it faster than i can pull out the camera, was the carrot cake. no doubt, we left with happy fish fry tummies!

woke up early to get into a long-ass line to pick up my compost bin from the city.

woke up ass early to get to sandwich, illinois for the monthly antiques market. coveted some stuff but only ended up picking these up:

pyrex circles
spiral pyrex

in other news: i know crocs are the hottest ugly trend of the moment. so i had to get a pair for my dad. in a cute dad comment moment he says “its like wearing nothing!”


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  1. Now that’s my kind of roadtrip. Yum. I especially crave the apple fritters and a great big glass of hot apple cider. It’s still winter here and I would love to have a nice mug next to my bed before I go to sleep.

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