giddy for greens

collard greens

I love southern comfort food. smothered this. fried that. pickled here. spicy there. and all the wonderful sides. collard greens are one of my favorite side dishes. its one of the cheapest vegetable at the store and its tasty. in my version, I used thick bacon. it’s a much faster alternative than to cook a whole ham hock till the meat falls off the bone, but if you have one readily available, go for it.

Again I don’t have the measurements for this. I change it every time and it comes out pretty much the same.

collard greens
bunches of collard greens
half pound of smoked bacon*
Tabasco (or any other vinegary hot sauce)
big pot of water

start boiling a big ol’pot of water. then start cutting the bacon into 1”pieces. Fry it all in the pan to get out most of the grease. It doesn’t need to be at the point of crunchy burnt. After frying let it soak out the access oil on a few paper towels. Smash and clove the garlic. Toss it into the pot of water. clean the collard greens thoroughly. Then take a bunch to roll and cut into strips.

When the water starts boiling toss in the bacon. Let it boil for a minute. Toss in all your collard strips. The fat from the bacon should give the greens some gleem. Let it get to boil again. Turn it down and let it simmer for 2 and a half hours. In the mean time, chop some onions up. You’ll be tossing them a half hour before its ready. Save some on the side for later. Salt to taste.

Just before serving add in a few dashes of Tabasco. Garnish with some more raw chopped onion.

*alternatives: smoked turkey drumsticks or smoked ham

in other news: insurance will replace my stolen camera, yay! but only if i can replace it at the same cost or less. i’m gonna have to do some good research.


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