end of the week
i love short work weeks, who doesn’t? labor day weekend seem so long ago all of a sudden. maybe because not more than 6hrs from getting off the plane on Tuesday, i had a deadline by 9:30am on Wed. and went to an onsite meeting before noon. i was zoning out by mid afternoon. tg, its friday!

i had a nice time in washington. its always nice to catch up with one of my sweetest & dearest friend, who keeps moving around every so often. *wink* i want to say i was in seattle for the long weekend but i really spent most of my time outside of it. i’m all detoxed in a way because everyone out there is either healthy or environmentally conscious (or both). now that i’m back, i feel like i can’t just jump back into my old eating habits. i feel like i need to restock my kitchen with organic this & that. no whites. no junk sweets. pepsi free my house. so, i think its gonna take me a bit to reorganize my thoughts of healthy eating. i don’t think i can totally write out all that is deemed bad but i think i just need to somehow mix the two creatively. as much as i know it would be nice to go sugar & gluten-free, i can’t. not too long ago, i had frozen gluten-free waffles & i gagged. but if its made with the right ingredients it can taste as a good as any gluten induced waffle or pancake.
healthy pancakes healthy pancakes
yummy healthy pancakes done right

anyhoo, besides the health kick i visited some really nice small port towns.

nearly died one morning from a bike ride through some harsh inclines (cause we don’t have hills like that here in the midwest).

loved “lil’ miss sunshine”.
rose theatre

went to a blackberry festival but didn’t really see any blackberries besides the ice cream & turnover.
blackberry fest my food

checked out bumbershoot fest. i was more intrigued watching people than the music.
bluman in pink

realize i can only live in the isolated woods for a short time.
all natural
i still like the hustle & bustle of the city even though i’m a homebody.

all in all it was a nice cheap vacation. my plane ticket was free (frequent flyer & 1st class, thx bro!) and lodging was free. i think i spent a total of about $160. not bad, huh?

in other news: i’ve got another deadline but i just got an invitation to go to great america for the day. mmm….??


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