hope everyone had a great weekend. mine was a full plate. unfortunately & regretfully, i forgot my camera for a majority of all my activities.

woke up early. called J to join me on my excursion. first stop was garfield park farmers market & county fair. stopped in to the conservatory. funny, i’ve never made it to this place until now. its a beautiful place smack dab on the westside of the city. then we headed to the wright auction house for the mass modern auction. i wasn’t planning on buying anything but if the price was right i might have picked up something. i left J there for a few hours while i headed over to the renegade craft show. some really cool stuff but my favorites was the weekend store and fernworks, really well made & doesn’t look all crafty-craft. headed back to the auction house, they provided a free lunch and we sat for another 2hrs in hopes for a few other items. in the end the online bidders won all to what we wanted to pay. spent the evening watching the first season of weeds.

went back to wicker park to the farmers market & the craft fair. picked up some ground cherries & another pair of earrings. got an email from a craiglister regarding a piece of furniture i had inquired. turns out the seller was somebody i knew from way back and lost touch. how wierd was that?! tg, we knew each other. not only did i leave my checkbook at home. he sold the credenza at the price i wanted & helped me move it back to my house. i’m just giddy for my credenza. i know exactly where it gonna hang out. at this point, i’m slowly transitioning anything ikea for a fairly priced piece of used mid-century furniture.

anyhoo, back to work. the plumbers are here to finish up what they didn’t on friday. did i mention i’m also giddy about my full pressure shower? how could i have lived for some many years with a wimpy shower?? it soo awesome, i wanted to take a shower twice after they were done on friday.

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