tuesday already?

geez, i’m just clearing off the weekend dust to start a new work week & its already friggin’ tuesday! i’ve got a ton of no fun paperwork to go through. its not even ha ha funny.

anyhoo, some recap from Sat:
re-opening of chicago history museum (used to be chicago historical society but they changed the name to sound less elitist).
@ the chicago history museum
i saw lincoln hangin’ around the lower level
@ the chicago history museum
saw a diorama of chicago’s history
@ the chicago history museum
blinded by the neon-like works of paschke
@ the chicago history museum
@ the chicago history museum
in between caught some performances
@ the chicago history museum
you can make yourself a chicago-style hotdog. this lil’ girl was being condimented

afterwards we headed to super H in niles. i heard that this was a newly opened super ginormous korean grocery store. they weren’t kidding. i’d say it was twice as big as Costco with the additons of little boutique stores & a larger food court. it just went on & on. lets just say i got there at 4pm & it was dark by the time i left that place. the ginormous parking lot was still at full capacity at night. then again it is saturday.
super H mart
super H mart

you know your in a different stage in life when you get all excited over a grocery store than fashion. ha!


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  1. I’m in the same stage as you even though we’re different ages because when I read this entry I wanted to comment on Taiko, the human hot dog, and… THE KOREAN MARKET. Woah… I’m so jealous that you have a huge korean market near you. I bet they sell soju in big plastic bottles that makes it look like water.

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