hometown tourist

thursday night
the cubby bear, not my kinda place to hangout but i was there to meet up w/ my girl, c. she was in town cause her company was sponsoring a get-together with open bar, free finger food, & goodies.

went on an architectural boat tour. reminding me, we do have some amazing buildings here. couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day to look up the sky. i also take for granted we have a river & a lake in the city.
sears tower

marina city

i passed on the sears tower skydeck tour and went to surprise visit my friend E at the wrigley building.
dirty windows & trump towers
her office view: dirty windows & the birth of trump towers.

in the evening, i wasn’t able to join the group for alinea but i did blow some cash when i discovered sabon has opened here.

E dropped me off so i can join in the group for king tut at the field museum.
tut @ the field museum
but we all came out disappointed & hungry. no petrified mummy or carcasses to view, just a super imposed picture of an x-ray & lots of tomb accessories.
tut @ the field museum
though you can buy plenty of tut paraphernalia strategically situated right at the end of the exhibit.

brought my visitors to maxwell street market so they can enjoy some honest to goodness tacos before they caught their flight out. in the end, they missed their flight for the sake of tacos.
maxwell street
mmm…chorizo tacos!!

thx to C’s company, i probably wouldn’t have done any of this anytime soon. i especially probably would not had paid $25 to not see a mummy.

in other news: holy crap! i just visited an artist friend’s blog, whose recent performance update includes very graphic images of self-inflicting craving(w/ x-acto knife) on his chest. i couldn’t even continue reading his reasoning for his new art form. *shiver & shudder*


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