pink pampering

i’ve been taking part in the breast cancer awareness deals (thx r!). its been a great way to pamper oneself without breaking one’s bank. $31 dollars in part of the 31 days of October. i’ve got something booked for the next couple of days. i rarely do it but when i get a chance i’ll try it out. i’ve already takem part in a 40-min massage yesterday and a haircut today. it was nice especially when the masseuse uses a heating pad. for once its nice not to shiver under a dinky lil’ sheet.

some of my past pampering memories:

manila, spa in the mall (everything is at the mall there)
i don’t recall what the particular massage was called but all i could remember was the big dark air-conditioned room and probably 4 or 5 other patrons thumped & pounded in the same room. it was bbrrr chilly. the worst part was when she flipped me over with my bare ass in the air. not fun. its probably better to spend your pesos on the other services. my favorite was the head & shoulder massage and/or the aromatherapy foot massage.

bangkok in some hospital run massage clinic
this place is pretty much unknown to the foreign public. it cost close to nothing and its about a 2hr massage. they give you smock-like pajamas to change into. mostly the local geriatrics take advantage of this great deal. the room is big w/ approx 15-20 platform beds. you get twist & turned. rolled & bent. i don’t know if i necessarily came out limber but you do get quite a muscle beating.

ho chi mihn city, vietnam airport
i think this is only offered in the layover part of the airport in vietnam. anyways, they have a nice foot massage place. if i remember correctly they also do hands. though it gets pretty busy in there especially when everyone needs to kill 5hrs+ of delayed flight. its a room full of bamboo or teak lounge chairs. as soon as they lead you to a chair, they soak your feet first until the next masseuse is available. so like i said, if it gets busy your feet might get all prune-y before they even get to you. for the price its okay. but its a good reason to kill some time and pamper your feet.

sonoma, california

stayed at some sleek resort once. thankfully it was all taken care of while on my gf’s business trip. it was nice. lots of couples. i imagine the cost of the resort keeps the place uncrowded but then again what do i know. it so fancy i kinda feel out of place. lots of nice pools but too bad i can’t swim. there was mineral pool and a warm watusi pool. nice fancy lawn chairs scattered around the premises for reading & relaxation. i do like the big fat white robes and sweet toiletries.

phnom pehn, cambodia
we found a cutesy lil’ spa place just a few doors down from our hotel. i picked a spa package that involves only neck & shoulder massage & a cumin salt scrub. the massage wasn’t anything memorable but the scrub….oh god, that was hella painful. i understand the idea of scrubbing the dead skin away but this girl was scrubbing my skin away. the worst is the tender area between your boobs. i finished my session in time to walk back to the hotel in the darkness. the entire city had a black out which is supposedly very common.

in-house masseuse at my old job
as a way to reward us at my old job, our boss booked a masseuse to work on all our tired backs & shoulders in the meeting room. one by one we all took turn for our session. the idea was nice. the massage was okay, but i guess what makes me uneasy is the fact that your trying to relax with only a wall away from all your boss & co-workers. The worse part is that she’s trying to give u a full body massage w/ all ur clothes on. your in better luck if you had a flowy dress & tank top on.

siem reap, cambodia
though we were taunted to go into “seeing hands” (blind masseuse) while walking around town. not did i didn’t want to support them but i just can’t do it. the whites of their eyes, kinda creeps me out. we ended up doing a foot massage some other place. they added in a great should rub and my feet & leg came out all soft and supple. its actually a great thing to do after walking and climbing the ruins of angkor all day long.

sonya’s b&b in tagaytay, philippines
in a beautiful setting by the lil volcano that could. the sessions are done in dreamy drapey white rooms. sleepy dreamy. i think we came out of our sessions like drunks. thank god they have nice lil’ canopy beds scattered all around the premises if you feel the need to take a nap. it was definitely a good hour session in the warm tropical setting.

i’ve probably have a few more to add but i’ll stop here for now. i’ve got a long day tomorrow and i’m gonna fit in a facial in after a meeting.

anyways, if you get a chance to treat yourself. do it. šŸ™‚

in other news: wtf, it was friggin’ snowing here!


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