reinvent my version

dan dan mein

one of my favorite dishes at a szechwan restaurant besides soupy buns is a dish call dan dan mein. soft egg noodles w/ tasty ground pork poured over with hot chili oil & garnished w/ green onions. its always a hit and i never get sick of it. only until the oil gets to me. anyway, i made an alternative version, using ground turkey meat and chicken broth. my version is pretty good without being an red oily noodle soup, like it usually is at restaurants.

dan dan mein
ground turkey meat

green onions aka scallions
light soy sauce
minced ginger & garlic
fresh soft egg noodles (i used the yakisoba noodles that comes in the fridge section at the asian market)

chili pepper flakes
canola oil
minced garlic
sesame oil
light soy
organic chicken broth

noodles – get a pot of water boiling. pour it over the fresh noodles to get it soft in a strainer. don’t rinse with cold water. let the water drain. it’ll be ready when everything else is.

meat- pour in a nice amount of oil to get the wok all oiled up. toss in the ginger & garlic in med heat. toss it up and fragrant (don’t burn it). throw in the meat. sprinkle in the salt & soy sauce. break up the meat so it doesn’t clump together. those in some chopped grn onions, let it cook until all the pinks gone. turn off the heat when most of the water has evaporated.

sauce- get a small sauce pan going. throw in the chili pepper flakes. let it heat up a little. pour in the oil and garlic. then a good splash of sesame oil. throw in a handful of green onions. get it all hot but not burning the ingredients. pour in the a good cup of broth (if serving 1-2ppl) and let it get to boil. pour in the soy sauce to taste and turn it off for serving.

to serve- put the noodles in a nice big bowl. pile a mound of meat. pour the hot chili oil broth over everything and garnish w/ more fresh green onions. then mix it all up and start eating.

i came out so good, i ate one and a half bowls of this stuff. happy eating!

in other news: wow, i totally forgot this is now a lil’ over a year old. last yr at this time i was freakin’ getting work & home ready for a month long departure to asia. how time flys. unfortunately asia isn’t in the picture this year for me. i hope to be out there somewhere next year.



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