NYC weekend: first 24hrs (part 1)

Each year, I like to make a yearly refuge to NYC. this year i almost missed it. then airfare war came. i booked, bought and flew. i made my rounds and now i’m back.

Friday, 4:35pm
First on the agenda was to catch the moma’s target free fridays. when we showed up, there was already a snake line along the building. they let people in fairly quick which of course funneled into a big crowd inside. okay by me, i’d rather use the $20 for food, anyway.
ant wallpaper
giant lamp
I’d love to have that giant lamp.

Then my camera died. sorry, no pics of the first evenings meal.

For dinner, we meet up with a bunch of friends for japanese bbq @ Yakuniku. ten of us grilled & drank for 3.5hrs! Not a bad way to end our first night in town.

Next morning, i saw a glimpse of the NY marathon runners on the N train on my way to chinatown.

instead of the usual dim sum, i opted for soupy buns, noodles & green onion pancakes @ shanghai cafe
shanghai cafe (nyc)
look at those yummy wrapped packages!

walked through the crowded Chinatown streets. Visited the MoCA (Museum of Chinese in the Americas).
chinatown, nyc
It was a 2-room exhibit, but it still interesting to check out at least once.

Walked up broadway and shopped. actually my travel partner shopped till shop I almost dropped. She hadn’t been here since 9/11. In and out a few dozen stores, can make anyone tired & dizzy. So we stopped into miro café for a quick caffeine boost.
miro cafe
I like the woody walls & ceiling at miro café.

Saturday, 4:30pm
Isn’t it amazing what you can do in 24hrs?


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  1. Awwwwww you make me miss NYC! I love those xiao long bao… I never used to understand the soupiness until I read about them online and learned they were SUPPOSED to be like that! I thought they just had a very bad filling. Hahahaha…

    I want that really big lamp too.

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