more nyc weekend musings

queen of sheba
on the second night in nyc for dinner we went out for ethiopian food @ the queen of sheba. its a family style affair. nerfy-textural sour bread & a whole lotta spices. *burp* it was very good but it messed up my stomach (the same way indian food does, but it really doesn’t stop me). was my first time, won’t be my last, but definitely something i would wait to do again some day in the far future.

we interrupt nyc posting…

my berfday breakfast (eggs, turkey corn cakes & buttered texas toast)

almost skipped my pilates class, but i didn’t at the last minute which resulted in a tight spot. the class was extremely crowded. it was like sardines in there. must be the weather. i’ve been going to it since the beginning of summer and its never been over 10ppl. no matter, it was still a good workout.

beginning of a nice birthday dinner w/ the fam.

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