more nyc musing – day 3

started the day kinda late but we’re in no big hurry. its a vacation right? i only have one person to meet up with at night. mainly because i decided not to tell everyone i was in town. was that bad? it becomes a big scheduling hassle. i only told a few ppl on this trip and the others i’ll get together the next time i’m in town. its all good.

first things first, gotta find something to eat to begin the day. we made our way down soho for some cheap lunch at ruben’s empanada. it was okay. the meat filling taste the same as the other meat fillings. like i said, its okay for something cheap. i still prefer the empanadas here in chitown (or better yet my own). much more tastier.

we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring whatever is below midtown and above chinatown.

café café for some quick java
marie belle chocolate counter & bar in the background
a man hassled us about taking a picture of this folder and it wasn’t even his.
love the bright green color

of course all this walking made us hungry for fish & chips at @ salt & battery. my buddy came to meet us there and we continued our meal @ the french roast. i was happy with my glass of wine & escargot.

warm & fuzzy @ french roast

afterwards we went to checkout his place on 5th ave, where you can see the washington sq. monument on the southside of the street & the empire st. building on the north. i’m jealous for his collection of propaganda posters. we left him so that he can start reading his 500+pg book assignment for tomorrow. eeek! i’m so glad i’m not in school. ha!

the night was still young, when your on vacation, so we decided to have another drink @ spice. it was pretty damn busy for a sunday night, but thats why were here. you can always find something at all hours.

nice fruity drinks & dessert to end another great night.

in other news: a sudden taste bud light came on. i like gorgonzola cheese now. must of been that great salad i had the other day.

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