just crazy for u

like in my last post. i’m suddenly so in love w/ gorgonzola cheese. i never cared for it before. i use to even push it off to the side for others to pick on it. but somehow i had it for lunch at a local cafe and *bling* my taste bud light came on! i think what helped the flavor of the cheese was the grilled the pear slices. usually pears are sliced raw in the salad, but this brought out the a warm sweetness to the fruit. yum. the great thing is that pears are in season. so this is my rendition of this super yummy salad.

pear salad w/ gorgonzola cheese & walnuts
sliced pears
olive oil
gorgonzola cheese
balsalmic vinegar
any mixed baby greens

  • slice the pears w/ skin on them. warm up a cookie tray in the oven. when the pan is warm, just spread the stick a butter around until you cover the pan with melted butter. then lay the pear slices all around the pan. flip the pears over to cover both sides w/ butter. but it in the broiler
  • start w/ a light viniagrette for the mixed greens or unless you have a bottle of it handy. lightly toss your greens in it. if not, mix olive oil, vinegar, salt & pepper to the right taste you want. set aside.
  • peek if the pears are slightly carmalizing on the edges, if so, flip it over to broil the other side. make sure you don’t forget. i’ve burnt a batch before. its ready when its nice and soft & caramalized on the edges.
  • plate your greens, pears, walnuts, and lots of cheese.

i think roasting the pears brings out the sweet flavor. plus i love the nice crisp edges. paired w/ the gorgonzola. its so good. i can just eat these two things and i’m good. yum!


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