– saw pan’s labyrinth
– reading devil in the white city
– podcasting spanish lessons, while i work
– $5 eyebrow threading
– warm toasty office
– getting paid finally, for some its been over 3mons!
– celebrating w/ good friends
– got some great bargains for under $10 @ the 3hr sale @ loehmanns

– i’ve been neglecting my netflix
– can’t read more than 2pages before i doze off
– i really need to look at the written word when learning volcabulary
– apparently the area around my eyes are sensitive. i was swollen for a few days
– my house is drafty. bbrrrr…cold!
– admin & production work is boring me to death!
– the restaurant we were celebrating had no heat, practically no food & it was super expensive!
– it takes just about 3hrs to dig through the mess @ loehmanns

in other news: today i’m off to brunch & bake w/ my favorite people


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