i heart ny
i really do, but not enough to live there. then again i go there enough to kinda be my second home. no? the sky was a bit gloom when i flew in but then it all cleared by night. the weather stayed unseasonally sunny & warm the few days i was there. i had no solid plans on this visit. i figure there’s always someting to do. if nothing, i’d be happy to just chill and soak up the urban of all urban-ness. it just so happen everyone was in NY this very same week/weekend. how coinky-dink is that? many from out of town. some i haven’t seen in years. missed a few people but i’m sure i’ll up catch with them when i come back. My meals for the last few days consisted of nothing but asian food (thai, chinese, malaysian, etc). with the final days of x’mas shopping coming to a near, i tried shopping. saw a few potentials. coveted some. alas, i didn’t buy a thing. the holiday shopping crowds really turns me off. i’m usually a sleepyhead by early evening. not the case when i’m in NY, my earliest bedtime was 2am. mainly because trains take a lil’longer after midnight to get home. just when i begin to doze off, its no dream to see huge ass rats scurrying about the tracks & platform. **shudder**

anyhoo, now i’m back. deadlines galore. why do clients do this? i should never assume the coast is ever clear even if its Jesus’ bday. It never fails! i’ve got this week to complete some projects before i pack my bags again. the pressures on. aaaack!


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  1. welcome back to sweet home chicago! i feel the same way abotu NYC == like don’t LOVE enough to move. i do love chicago though.

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